Having your own home office, even though the size is not too big, is now the dream of many people. There are times when we can’t finish work at the office, so we inevitably have to take it home. That’s why now a private office at the dwelling seems to be a necessity, especially for millennial who are often immersed in their daily work.

The existence of a work space at your own home is not just a space where we continue the work that is brought from the office, but we must also be able to maintain harmony with each family member.

Decorating a home office will make you feel more comfortable and more fun while working. This is because you can decorate the room, work desk, knickknacks and furniture as you wishes to improve your working mood.

Home Office Design Ideas
Home Office Design Ideas

A home office does not have to be luxurious and spacious, the important thing is that it is comfortable and in accordance with your personality. This is because office space can also affect your mood and productivity at work. Whether for those of you who will use the work space at your home for the whole day or just a few hours a day, the workspace design needs to be considered so that the home office is comfortable and you are more productive. So here are some inspirations to create dream home office design ideas to inspire and improve your productivity.

  1. Create cozy home office

Comfort should be the main thing when you design your own home office. Designing a comfortable home office that makes you creative and enthusiastic can be done in various ways. You can display nature-themed paintings, roll out a soft and comfortable carpet, replace a stiff sofa with a bean bag, or put a family photo on your desk. Besides that, there is no harm to put fresh plants or flowers on your desk and they won’t interfere with you while working. Placing plants in the home office can make the room more comfortable and seem natural, yet they can also be a medium for releasing anxiety and stress.

cozy home office
cozy home office
  1. Consider choosing a room that has large windows and natural lighting

Try to choose a workspace at your home with natural lighting for the sake of the highest productivity. Home office design ideas like this are believed to be able to increase productivity and comfort at work. The work table, which is also a computer desk, can be placed opposite the window or at the location where the computer screen was fitted without the reflection. An area with a lot of window openings sure will be healthier. The worst impact of lack of natural light exposure is depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). With the windows wide and sufficient natural light into the home office, it would be good to stimulate the brain.

After applying the above ideas to design a home office, you will be more productive and creative when working from your own home. There are no restrictions in designing a workspace in your dwelling. Design it functionally with your own style, in order to become a comfortable home office to work and stay close to your family.

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