Having a beautiful and comfortable dining room does not have to be designed in a large room. For a small house and space, the furniture in the dining room can be arranged so that it provides a pleasant atmosphere.

Dining Room Design Ideas
Dining Room Design Ideas
  1. Take into account the size and shape of the room

Not only the size, the shape of a room can also affect the layout and shape of the furniture. Even though the room is relatively small, the room that is in a certain corner or side will be different from the one in the middle side and so on. As in the picture, the shape of the room is rigid at an angle, it will be very suitable to be combined with similar furniture so that it matches the shape of the room.

Dining Room Design Ideas
Dining Room Design Ideas
  1. Color Selection on Furniture and Walls

The colors in a room not only show a certain impression but also an atmosphere. For a small room, it certainly makes a wide impression and also a cool atmosphere is a guideline in designing the room. You need to make your room seems and feels wider. To give a colorful impression to the room, it can be done to give accents only but not as a whole in the room.

  1. Indoor Window View

Some dining rooms are not only located in closed rooms, some dining rooms are located in areas exposed to direct sunlight through the windows of the room. A dining area close to a window is an excellent option. Not only is the room cooler, the outside view from the room makes the atmosphere more pleasant.

  1. Form the Dining Table

The shape of the dining table will depend on the first point in designing the kitchen, namely the size and shape of the room. You need to use a round shape table. However, if the dining room is elongated and not too wide, the use of a long table will be better than a round table. This really needs to be considered because not all table formations will match the shape of the dining room in the house.

  1. Dining Chair Selection

Dining chairs also have a variety of impressions on the room. However, for a room that is minimal in size, a chair without armrests is the right choice. This is because chairs with this design can be placed on the dining table so that it saves more space. In addition, the chair without armrests will also be easier to move to various areas.

  1. Putting a mirror in the room

Mirrors are a way to outsmart small spaces. Mirror will make rooms feels wider due to optical illusion. This is because the mirror reflects light and the surrounding environment. More than one mirror can be a good thing for a small room.

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