You have a basement but less functional. It is only for temporary storage. You want to change this space with more practical function. In this case, you should start with the purpose and need. Having basement brings more opportunity to expand your house. Some design ideas at the following list will be useful as references.

Basement Design Ideas with Various Style and Practical Implementation
Basement Design Ideas with Various Style and Practical Implementation

List of Ideas for Basement

  1. Bedroom

You can turn a basement into bedroom. If space is large enough, you make two or more. As you know, house price is expensive and you are lucky due to a basement. Instead of complete renovation, it is better to work on what you already have which is this space.

Bedrooms are available for teen or guest. Your kid becomes teen who wants more privacy space. In this case, you redecorate a basement into his or her bedroom. The room will have extra spot for study and work. Pick the right furniture and decoration to make comfortable bedroom.

  1. Studio apartment

Another design idea is you transform a basement into studio apartment. It is good option when you need extra income. In fact, some people such as students will like this one. You change a room to be more function and the rent will cover your budget. If the space is very large, you may change the entire room into complete apartment with bedroom.

Basement Design Ideas with Various Style and Practical Implementation
Basement Design Ideas with Various Style and Practical Implementation
  1. Man cave

You know the term man cave. It is privacy place where a man wants to do his hobby. For example, you turn a room into gallery or garage. Moreover, it can be for study, library, and game center. In general, you use this one as space where you can do anything you want.

  1. Living room

The next design idea is living room. Some houses integrate living room with dining and other sections. You do not feel comfortable about this situation. The house requires specific living room. You see a basement and the idea comes into your mind.

  1. Basement bar

You visit underground bars or café. They have unique decoration with cozy style. You want such thing in your house. The only space you have is in the basement. Therefore, you alter and redecorate this one into a bar.

  1. Storage

Most people use a basement as storage. However, they just put their things and no organized placement. You should turn this space into more practical and efficient use. The design contains some storages, shelves, cabinet, and anything to put your things. If you need extra section, add hanging shelves or expand the storage vertically. With the proper arrangement, your basement has more function.

  1. Home office

More people spend at home do working. The problem is need space without much hassle. A basement is the good one to turn into home office. You decorate this area with desk, chairs, some storages, and your work tools.

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